Our Formula

Portland Media Group is Maine’s most prolific—and influential—radio broadcasting company.  With eight (8) distinct brands broadcasting via 11 FM and 4 AM frequencies, plus the Tune In streaming app, our stations reach a massive weekly audience of 250,000 people who collectively boast more than $5.3 Billion in annual consumer spending power.  Each of our audio brands is uniquely curated to create a listening environment that’s uncluttered, demographically disciplined and unequivocally “Mainer” in presentation.

Our formula is simple but by no means easy:

Bigger-than-life personality shows that aren’t piped in from Hollywood or Manhattan.  According to Audio Pulse, 79% of marketers consider local radio on-air personalities to be credible celebrity influencers, while a 2019 study by KRG revealed 77% of listeners would try a brand recommended by their favorite on-air personality. More recently, a November 2021 study of 1,200 radio and podcast listeners revealed more than half are more trusting of radio and podcast advertisers than any other medium. The Blake Show (with Kelly & Todd) on Coast 93.1 (WMGX); Jon, Joe and Courtney on 101.9 WPOR; and The WGAN Morning News with Matt Gagnon are among the Portland market’s media stars.  They win here because they’re from here. Bring your business to life with the heartfelt authenticity of a personal endorsement by our veteran air talent.

A commercial environment designed for optimum effectiveness and brand safety.  Nowadays, advertisers can’t be too cautious about the media they entrust with their valuable brands.  PMG station policies mandate every element of our programming is credible, non-toxic and reflective of hometown social standards.

An unwavering commitment to the communities we’re entrusted to serve.  From charitable fundraisers to bolstering the local business climate, PMG Stations live by the mantra a dynamic marketplace can only be sustained when those who prosper do good for those who aren’t able.

Local news and weather seven days a week.  You can’t build listener trust part-time; it’s an all-or-nothing proposition.  That’s why ours is the only active radio newsroom in Southern Maine seven days a week.  Our team of local journalists and AccuWeather meteorologists ensure Mainers are always informed no matter where they go.

While inducing consumer behavior through the combined power of sound and search is our core business, that vocation is soundly built on a foundation of marketing mastery.  Advertising, like any meaningful pursuit, is equal parts know-how, experience and creativity.  Absent those fundamentals, most ad campaigns are destined to fail before they begin.  That’s why we cultivate the fluency of our customers in the rudiments of blended brand building, including:

  • The single most important question an advertiser should ask (and why most media sellers can’t answer it).
  • How marketing bridges impact consumer perceptions of your business and, ultimately, the success (or failure) of your advertising investment.
  • The importance of building brands, not just ad campaigns, and how the proper long-horizon strategy can influence both now and future customers with a singular investment.
  • Why media reach changes consumer perceptions, but frequency changes consumer behavior.
  • Identifying the perceptual ladder your business occupies in the mind of the consumer and how to ensure every precious marketing dollar reinforces your unique selling proposition.
  • Equally important, if you can’t dominate a business vertical, how can you create a new one with a few minor marketing tweaks?
  • The one-two punch of broadcast radio with targeted display advertising to follow consumers on their purchase journey and ultimately lead them to click, visit, call or search your business, and not your competitors.

Naturally, advertising success can be achieved through any number of media options, if properly utilized.  But broadcast radio is the USA’s #1 medium– reaching more adults each week than television, print or the Internet.  And Americans are more likely to hear radio ads during the day, when most commerce occurs.  Radio dominates in-car listening closest to the point of purchase, is the least disrupted of all the legacy media, and its portability is unmatched.

Whether over the air or streaming to computers, smart speakers and mobile devices, Portland Radio Group Stations reach hundreds of thousands of Mainers each week, and our eight brands are carefully crafted to provide affordable marketing options for most any size advertising budget.  When used in combination with paid search and targeted display, broadcast radio follows your customer’s journey from initial awareness to ultimate purchase.

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